Kotlin mentor

Andrew Oliver (http://www.infoworld.com/author-bios/andrew-c-oliver) is working on an Infoworld article whose premise is that given your proficiency in programming language X you should be able to implement something in programming language Y fairly easily. To that effect we're trying to implement a simple address book application with a PostgreSQL database and an AJAXy HTML frontend using Kotlin in a day. We were wondering if we could get a mentor for a day to help with this project.


What time zone are you in?

EST. We're in Durham, NC.

We (Kotlin team) can help you, but not for the entire day, since we are in GMT+4 (9 hours away from you).

Anybody else?

I'm will more than happy to operate in your timezone. What time do you normally start your day? It might not take very long. I've looked at the Kara framework that help create a simple Web application. I would need help talking to the Postgres database and communicating with the Front-end in JSON.

We usually work from around 12pm to 10pm Moscow time.

I have to warn you that Kotlin is under development, and nobody triedto use it with PostgeSQL before, so there may be unexpected issues there.

We'll just see how it goes. What database have you tested your jdbc support with? If we face issues we could just switch to an in memory database or something else. We're doing this project with other languages as well, none of which are as new as Kotlin and we picked Postgres as the database to be consistent. But it wouldn't be so bad if we get it working with something else.

How would you like to communicate?

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

How would you like to go about doing this?

I have managed to use successfully OrmLite for Android against SQLite (http://ormlite.com/). The code is here https://github.com/dodyg/AndroidRivers