Kotlin Scripts run by an Apache httpd server?


I know KTS is still early in development, but are there any plans to be able to execute it similar to PHP inside Apache?

It could be a really nice language for quick web projects, maybe a LAMK stack :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the suggestion. We have no such plans for a moment, and in this area, for us, http://ktor.io looks like a better approach. But I believe that it is possible with the current state of the scripting support to implement all components needed for some “LAMK” stack. So if somebody will volunteer to try to implement it, we’ll provide as much help as possible.


Thanks for the reply. Ya Ktor is great, but being able to integrate with an existing VPS/LAMP style environment would be really nice. Basically a PHP replacement for those situations when you can’t spin up a long running process and you just want to serve through Apache.

Could do it today with mod_cgi I suppose, but that’d spawn a Kotlin process per request which would get out of hand real fast I think.

What would be needed is something like mod_php, where a single instance of the kotlin script process could run and service multiple requests.

Anyway, just an idea, I bet as KTS gets more mature someone will think about doing this.