Kotlin to JS

Hi everyone

I’m playing around using Kotlin for client side of PHP web projects. As IDE I use PDT on Eclipse Oxygen, making significant progresses.

It is possible to use the Kotlin to JS transpiler via the External Tools in Eclipse in your PHP projects. (A step by step tutorial is available…)

But Eclipse’s Kotlin plugin does definitely needs more maintenance. So far, its just nothing more than a simple “me too” thing. E.g. folding and auto completion is not working, external references (DOM, HTML) not existent etc.

I understand that JB wants to earn money selling their products, but an open Kotlin could handle (more than one) open IDE as well.

IntelliJ is free though?

The community edition is totally free of charge, and open-source as well. I think there is a general misconception that IntelliJ costs money. I have heard the ‘not-free’ argument so many times…