Kotlin-web-site localization

Hello kotlin.

I want to translate kotlin-web-site to Korean.
So, I am finding a solution for it.

Do you have any solution or plan for localization?

No, we do not have any plan for localization at this time. Kotlin hasn't reached version 1.0 yet, and we are changing the documentation as we change the language. If we had localized versions of the Web site, we would not be able to keep them up to date as the language changes, and we do not want to have incorrect and out-of-date information on the Kotlin Web site.

Ok, I know why you put them off and undertand plentifully. But, I think you consider localization in the near future.

Actually, I’m translating kotlin-web-site to Korean since 2 weeks.
Here is my fork and branch related to translating to Korean.


and I use jekyll plugin for it.


I hope you check it out and review.
If you accept my proposal, I will keep it up.