Request for Kotlin Language Server Protocol (LSP) Integration in AndroidIDE Project

Hello Dear Official Team and Members ,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to you as the developer of AndroidIDE ,an innovative application designed for Android users who wish to develop Android apps directly on their Android devices without the need for Android Studio. Our application currently supports Kotlin as a primary language for development. However, we have encountered a significant limitation: the absence of auto-completion and other essential code assistance features for Kotlin.

While our application supports Java quite effectively, including features like auto-completion and other useful functionalities that Android Studio offers, the same cannot be said for Kotlin. This discrepancy has been a point of concern for our users who prefer Kotlin for their development needs.

As we strive to enhance the development experience for our users, integrating a robust Kotlin Language Server Protocol (LSP) into our application is of utmost importance. This integration will not only improve the coding experience by providing features such as auto-completion, real-time error checking, and code navigation but also encourage more developers to adopt Kotlin on our platform.

Given that an official Kotlin LSP is not yet available, we seek your expertise and support in integrating Kotlin LSP into our AndroidIDE project. Your assistance in this regard would be invaluable and instrumental in ensuring that our users have access to a more comprehensive and efficient development environment.

We are eager to collaborate and discuss how we can move forward with this integration. Please let us know the next steps and any requirements needed from our end to facilitate this process.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to your positive response and the opportunity to work together to enhance the Kotlin development experience on Android devices.

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