Should I put Idea-related files to VCS when working with project created by create-react-kotlin-app tool?

Hi. I have a question regarding version control of projects created by create-react-kotlin-app. Do I have to put an .idea folder and project.iml file to VCS? For other types of project like Java/Kotlin/Android etc. I just .gitignore them (as different computers has different configs, paths etc.) and then when I open the project on another computer IDEA will recreate those files. After that I do some project configuration like creating run configurations and continue to work on the project.

But when I’m trying to clone react-kotlin project without .idea folder and .iml file IDE cannot open project properly, it says “Kotlin not configured” etc. Is it a bug? Or should I run some NPM scripts in project folder before I open it in IDEA? Please advice.

It would better create Maven or Gradle build file (and add it to VCS).

Yes, but when I create a project with create-react-kotlin-app tool there are no build scripts in project folder. I can do eject but I want to avoid that. So the question is if I have a project created with create-react-kotlin-app and without IDEA-related files can I somehow recreate those files using NPM scripts or something?