Simple Android App to register a user and login

Hey guys,

iam new to Kotlin and Android development in general, however I do have about 10 years of ABAP (SAP) programming experience. Programming in ABAP is very different from most other languages, so getting started is much harder than I thought it would be.

I have an idea for a (larger) app in mind that I want to eventually realize, but for now I would like to make a simple app where a user can register a new account with his mail, name and a password and login with these login information. Could anyone point me in the right direction of how this is done? Iam assuming there is some kind of framework to implement something like that. Maybe there is something like an “industry standard” of how user registrations are done in app development? Or do app developers always start from scratch?

Sorry if I sound a little bit lost, because iam, but iam just getting started :slight_smile:

P.S: I know this might be a little bit too ambitious for my first app/test with Kotlin, but I don’t really wanna build some kind of Hello world app :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: After some google research I have found It seems like this might be a good way t omanage user registration/logins for apps. Is this a common thing app developers do?

I’d recommend going to the Kotlin Hands-on. This might help you get on a quick path to a prototype using various libraries such as Ktor.
There are mobile and backend hello world tutorials there.

If you’re not experienced with Kotlin you will probably want to start with the beginner tutorials and Koans here:

Since you’re newer to the enterprise application space it’s probably not valuable to get into a debate on specific frameworks or tools (you’ll hear people compare Ktor to SpringBoot and others). Go with whatever has an easy path to learning.

Firebase is a commonly used NoSQL DB. But again it’s another case of being one of many tool/library options. I have very little experience with it (I used it for web applications) but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

I know there are some good Android tutorials out there. Since only a portion of Kotlin users work on Android apps, if searching for Android tutorials you may find more focused resources instead of tutorials on Kotlin in general.

The reason I chose Kotlin is, from my understanding, Kotlin can be used for business logic/backend programming across Android/iOS/Web. Only the UI technology would be a different for each platform. Is this assumption correct?

Yup, you can use firebase.
You can combine it with firebase-ui android and it will be even easier.

I’ve used it for most of my projects