Spring Boot - Integration of Eclipse Plugin


Hi all, I’m doing a project with spring boot and kotlin using eclipse, I’m using eclipse Neon, because through the documentationd github of the kotlin plugin, it seems to me the most indicated (although old).

I have a problem that has annoyed me a lot, Kotlin’s parser, all the time let me loose this error, when performing a build in the project or creating a class, is there any way to correct this error?

An internal error occurred during: "Kotlin Analysis".
Wrong annotation argument: public @interface org.springframework.context.annotation.ComponentScans
	extends java.lang.Object
	implements : java.lang.annotation.Annotation
/*   methods   */
[unresolved] public abstract org.springframework.context.annotation.ComponentScan[] value()


There were some changes in annotation support in plugin version 0.8.6 that was released today (7 Aug). I think you should check if it fixes your issue. If updating plugin doesn’t resolve your problem, please submit ticket with some code samples or hints how to reproduce the error at YouTrack

Also I think that kotlin plugin works with Eclipse Oxygen without any major issues.


thanks marks, I’ll try and as soon as I get a return to the topic. thank you for yout attention and support