Urgent need to replace the terrible REPL with Kotlin Interactive Shell in the upcoming new Kotlin version

I write this, to reemphasise the need for a superb language to have a superb REPL, and not the awful current REPL.
The REPL is a very important and useful component and it also gives the first impressions for the language.
It’s not practical the separate installation of Kotlin Interactive Shell, and the average user will not search for a better REPL.


For the vistors stumbling into this thread: It is related to Kotlin REPL is still so incredibly bad! - #8 by medium

The best what you can do is to vote for this issue: Replace Kotlin REPL with Kotlin Language Interactive Shell

Does the average user use the REPL? I’ve never used it.

No, probably not, because you basically have to know where to find it. I’ve never seen a hint in the documentation and wondering how I ever discovered it. However, REPL are quite common tools in other programming languages like Scala, Python, Ruby etc. I guess, almost all python tutorial start with it.

Such a tool is very handy and the Kotlin community could profit from it.

Kotlin is not a scripting language, using a REPL is never going to be representative of what real Kotlin code looks like.

IMO the best way to learn is to create a Kotlin Scratch file in IDEA, it’s basically the Playground with the full power of IDEA.