Using Kotlin/Native with Bash for Windows 10 (WSL)?


I’m interested into using Kotlin/Native on Windows (for CLI tools).

Anyhow, since currently it is not supported on Windows but just on Linux & Mac, I’m looking to use (as an intermediate solution) the Windows 10 Bash (WLS = Windows Subsystem for Linux) support.

I’ll really appreciate any hints, samples and links documenting such approach.


Wls should be able to run normal Linux binaries. I don’t think it comes with llvm preinstalled, but you could install it or use a Linux box/jvm to build the program (it should run fine afterwards)


Kotlib/Native works out-of-the box with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Just follow Linux installation/build steps. However, the preview of “native” support 64-bit windows has just been recently pushed to master and you are welcome to check it out.