JavaScript apps created with Kotlin


Are there any note worthy JavaScript apps created using Kotlin? If so, what tools/frameworks/patterns (beyond kotlinx.html) are used? Is build using kotlin?


Yes, is built using Kotlin for JS:


Still early days for Kotlin JS (no major Kotlin web apps yet…). Wonder who will be the first to develop a major Kotlin web app, maybe JetBrains or Pivotal (owner of Spring)? Presumably @stokemasterjack is referring to completely writing the web client in Kotlin 1.1 and accessing the JS libraries/frameworks via JS interop (eg ts2kt).

Again considering that Kotlin JS is reasonably new it will take some time before major Kotlin libraries/frameworks appear (most likely in about 4 months after the Kotlin 1.1 release). In the meantime it is better to go with JavaScript on the client side until some solid Kotlin web client libraries/frameworks appear, at which point it would be feasible to change/migrate the web client side over to Kotlin.