What's the situation with KDoc?


I can see browsing the source codes that it is work in progress, but I wonder if there are plans for supporting the Javadoc tags (@param, @see, @link, @return and so on).

And the Gradle plugin (kdoc task) generates documentation for every java, javax, sun
and kotlin package, which is clearly wrong. It seems broken at this point.

It would be also great to have some documentation on KDoc in the future.


We are working on a slightly different tool that hopefully will replace KDoc at some point. It is not ready yet, and we will tell everyone as soon as it is usable. Currently we are focusing on generating documentation for the Standard Library on the http://kotlinlang.org


Thats great! Not that I have any problem with KDoc, but the online documentation would really need some improvent. People don't even know what library functions they get if they start to use kotlin.