Allow moderators to edit malformed posts like StackOverflow do

Since Kotlin is getting a lot of attention for many reasons (Android in primis), many beginners flows in here not knowing how to properly format the text into a post or discerning from being a Kotlin problem or not.
For example this recent topic has wrong title and wrong code indentation, not to mention that is not related to Kotlin at all.
As this one, many other posts are out there that need to be at least reformatted if not closed.

Would it be possible to create some guidelines and designate some moderators to make them follow it? Maybe not that strict like StackOverflow of course, but at least being able to filter out from the main page the threads that are not coherent with Kotlin.

Now, of course this is my opinion and I’d like to listen to other’s as well :slight_smile:


Another problem that should be considered when talking about this are the: "About the " topics that are pinned. It’s the first thing that newcomers see probably and they are filled with some generic text, that says it should be replaced with the proper information

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It would be nice to get some response from the Kotlin team on this(@Alexey.Belkov @ilya.gorbunov). I know there is the “Regular” badge you can earn, that let’s you edit titles and categories of a topic that is not really enough. Also it’s nearly impossible to obtain. From what I can tell there is no one who actually achieved this trust level since it basically requires you to be here daily (everyone with it is a JetBrains employee and they only have it since they have the leader badge).

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