ANTLR4 to IntelliJ PSI Tree Adaptor (IntelliJ platform feature)

Given the vast number of ANTLR4 grammars in existence, is JetBrains considering creating an officially supported adaptor? This would allow hundreds of existing languages to be easily supported by the IntelliJ platform. It would also be of huge value to people working on IntelliJ language support plugins. I’ve been doing this for Ki Declarative using Jansen and Parr’s adapter, which is great, but it isn’t feature complete and hasn’t been updated for years. This seems like an ideal candidate for an officially supported platform feature.

Please file a feature request to

Thank you Alexey. Done:

BTW - It’s hard to figure out where to post something like this. It’s really a feature request for IntelliJ Platform, but you are saying it should be filed as an IDEA issue. There is an IJSDK project in YouTrack, but it says its for “issues related to intellij-sdk-docs sample code and documents.”

Right. IDEA is a default gateway anyway. If it doesn’t belong, a responsible person will just move it to a different project.