Apklib dependencies and kotlin-maven-plugin


Hi all,

I’ve added an apklib dependency to my android maven project.

<dependencies>   <dependency>   <groupId>...</groupId>   <artifactId>...</artifactId>   <version>...</version>   <type>apklib</type>   </dependency> </dependencies>

It's for sure in my local maven repository, but the kotlin-maven-plugin does not add it to it's classpath. It works if I switch to <type>jar</type>, but a jar-library isn't really a solution for me. Is that a problem with the kotlin compiler?

Kind regards,


Hi Philipp, The problem is that you are using an android-specific dependency type and kotlin-maven-plugin doesn't support it right now. I've created a task for this case KT-4533, you can 'star' it to receive a notification when it will be completed.