Kotlin maven plugin dependencies

I am accessing kotlin libs from offline repository (nexus) and using kotlin maven plugin in my project. I add the plugin in pom.xml but it creates new dependencies like kotlin-compiler. Then I have somebody add this dependency to offline repository and I recompile the project and this time there is another error saying “this dependency could not be resolved”. So again I need to have somebody add another lib to repo.It is like a chain of dependencies and I can be aware each of them when I get the error.

It is not good to mail someone everytime I got error and need lib to be added. Can I see what dependencies kotlin-maven-plugin brings from a doc or somewhere? I could not find it yet.

Maven can give you this information. If you want to retrieve all dependencies needed for a specific maven plugin, you can use mvn dependency:resolve-plugins command.

For example, in a project of mine, the result contains:

Plugin Resolved: kotlin-maven-plugin-1.3.61.jar
     Plugin Dependency Resolved: maven-core-3.0.5.jar
     Plugin Dependency Resolved: maven-plugin-api-3.0.5.jar
     Plugin Dependency Resolved: maven-plugin-annotations-3.4.jar
     Plugin Dependency Resolved: kotlin-compiler-1.3.61.jar
     Plugin Dependency Resolved: kotlin-scripting-compiler-1.3.61.jar
     Plugin Dependency Resolved: maven-compiler-plugin-3.5.1.jar

P.S: please try to make an effort to properly format you questions, it will make people more willing to help. Your first paragraph looks confusing to me.

Thanks for tips and help.
I ran the command and it gives some resolved results but it does not include kotlin-maven-plugin most probably because it throws error at the step of maven kotlin plugin during compilation. So it has not yet included it and it does not show.


            <goals> <goal> compile </goal> </goals>
            <goals> <goal> test-compile </goal> </goals>