Backwards compatibility on Kotlin 1.1, Kotlin reflection?

I have a project built with Kotlin 1.0.6 with a couple of references.

I succesfully manage to migrate to Kotlin 1.1.0-beta-38 without any major compile problems except the following:

Some runtime JAR files in the classpath have an incompatible version. Remove them from the classpath or pass the correct ‘-language-version’ explicitly. Alternatively, you can use ‘-Xskip-runtime-version-check’ to suppress this error
[ERROR] /Users/jco27/.m2/repository/org/jetbrains/kotlin/kotlin-reflect/1.0.3/kotlin-reflect-1.0.3.jar: Runtime JAR file has version 1.0 which is older than required for language version 1.1
[ERROR] → [Help 1]

This error comes from a dependency introduced by:


as jackson actually uses the reflection module and it is compiled into 1.0.6

Other than building the module myself manually, how can that issue be solved? I find it a little bit alarming that I can’t use a library create with 1.0.6 on 1.1.

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This issue is fixed in the upcoming Kotlin 1.1 RC. Such projects will now compile and run correctly.

Thank you @yole, when is that expected to be out?

Thanks @yole I indeed tested that with 1.1-rc-89 and it works correctly. Hoping 1.1 final comes out soon :slight_smile:

A workaround is to provide an explicit dependency on kotlin-reflect of version 1.1, for example:


1.1 RC is out now.

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