How to downgrade to a previous release?


I came back to my Kotlin project after a week off. I’m on a new computer. I installed Eclipse on my macOS machine, the Kotlin Eclipse plugin, etc. I pulled my source code projects and did a clean all projects. I encountered two classes of errors in code that I thought had previously compiled and run fine. The two classes of errors are 1. calling Java reflection classes to instantiate a class known only at runtime requires Java varargs arguments. The Java interop varargs arguments no longer compiles. Replacing the varargs arguments with an Array works. 2. The loop variable of a for statement doesn’t seem to infer type correctly so the reference to a property of that type is not found.

Anyway, I’m not sure these aren’t my own problems, but I can’t really be sure because I don’t have access to the old machine with the previous release of Kotlin installed. So my question is how do I downgrade to 1.1.3 to figure out what’s going on?

Again, I’m an Eclipse/Mac user that knows nothing about Gradle/Maven/etc. I don’t even know where Kotlin is installed. TIA.