Will IntelliJ support Kotlin/Native?


KotlinN already has ver.0.3 but IntelliJ hasn’t done anything to support it. I also thought that KotN would be added to Android Studio but up till now, I heard nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Is KotN just an unstable version or a test on programmer?
I really excited about it, man…


We are working on development tools for Kotlin/Native, but we haven’t released anything public at this time. At this time we cannot say whether Kotlin/Native development will be supported in IntelliJ IDEA.


Ops, does it mean we will unfortunately have a small (just small, right) chance that no-Native for IntelliJ? :’(


IntelliJ IDEA doesn’t support native development in C++ either, so it shouldn’t be too surprising.


It supports Rust via plugin though.


Debugging API for native programs is available only on Clion/AppCode/RubyMine.


If you create a Kotlin jvm project (not gradle) and configure it correctly you can work with kotlin-native in IntelliJ.

  • Remove KotlinJavaRuntime from project dependencies
  • Add Runtime.jar from kotlin native build
  • Add kotlin source files for used libraries
  • Make sure you don’t link the gradle project as that will overwrite your settings.

IntelliJ won’t be able to build the project for you, use the (unlinked!) gradle build for that.

Take a look at this repo for an example: https://github.com/perses-games/konan-sfml


I have just created minimal example for kotlin native with simple c interop.


For me a huge factor that drew me to Kotlin was the promise of being able to use the same tools (language, IDE, etc.) regardless of target platform so I would really like to see all Kotlin targets be supported in a single IDE. I don’t care so much if that IDE is IntelliJ IDEA or a new one based on the IntelliJ platform.


For me the ideal is that there is a both a free and a paid plugin for Intellij IDEA. It is more convenient to use the same IDE.

A free plugin would enable to people to get started and keep the ‘all is available open source’ and then more debuging tools etc could require a license as unless JetBrains have a path to a revenue stream how can you count on them as committed to Native?


If you have a subscription to JetBrains Toolbox, I guarantee whatever the preferred tool for working with Kotlin Native ends up being will be in there.


Yeah, that’s better than nothing but I would prefer to be able to do all my
work with Kotlin in the same IDE and not several IDEs that have a common
base. I’m hoping they will move in this direction especially as having
shared Kotlin code between several targets becomes more streamlined.