JetBrains Toolbox untrusted certificate popup


I just got this untrusted certificate popup when opening JetBrains Toolbox v. 1.18.7455.
I selected Reject, and the application seems to run normally.

Is this an error?

I would guess you are using AT&T thats a typical error from their gateway when it is failing to connect… Nothing to do with jetbrains.

AT&T is my ISP, but why would that show up in the JetBrains Toolbox window when launching that application, and not show up for any other application?

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Because at that point in time the IDE did a request to an HTTPS endpoint and your gateway decided to return its own thing with its self-signed certificate… If the problem was just transient, that may have been the only request that happened during that period or the other applications didn’t complain about the certificate…

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