Kotlin 1.0.7 EAP


#Kotlin 1.0.7 EAP

We are happy to announce the EAP for Kotlin 1.0.7.

What’s new

  • Gradle plugin is now compatible with recent Gradle distributions (3.2+).
  • Gradle plugin is now compatible with Jack&Jill.
  • Improvements in the experimental kapt.
  • Numerous bugfixes in compiler & IDE.

See the full changelog.

How to get EAP build

For IntelliJ IDEA

You can configure Early Access Preview channel in Tools → Kotlin → Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates. Change the update channel and press Check for updates now.

For Gradle or Maven

Add https://dl.bintray.com/kotlin/kotlin-eap to your repositories.
Change the version of Kotlin dependencies (compiler and stdlib) to 1.0.7-eap-43.

Please do provide feedback and report any issues to our issue tracker (please specify your plugin version and IDE version).


Congratulations ! BTW: does it have a release plan ?


This release is rather feature driven than date-driven. The main purpose of 1.0.7 is to give Gradle users, who don’t want to use a 1.1 for some reason, a way use Kotlin with recent Gradle distributions (3.2+). We’ve found some issues we want to address, so there will be yet another EAP build. Hopefully final version of 1.0.7 will be released shortly after that.