Kotlin 1.1.60 EAP


We’re happy to announce the EAP for Kotlin 1.1.60.

What’s new

  • Bug fixes and further improvements in support for JSR-305 nullability annotations:
    • Type qualifier defaults can now be used with ElementType.TYPE_USE to provide nullability information for types in all positions including type arguments, upper bounds of type parameters and wildcard types
    • Migration status of custom nullability annotations can be controlled with the @UnderMigration annotation (packaged in a new artifact kotlin-annotations-jvm)
    • Support for fine-grained migration status control on the library user side with the compiler configuration flag -Xjsr305
  • Experimental support for Kotlin/JS incremental compilation in Gradle builds; it is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting kotlin.incremental.js = true in gradle.properties or local.properties
  • Bug fixes in Parcelable implementation generation with @Parcelize
  • Lots of bug fixes in the compiler and IDE
  • New inspections, performance improvements and bugfixes in the IntelliJ plugin
  • Other improvements in support for Gradle incremental builds

Full changelog

How to get EAP build

For IntelliJ IDEA:

You can configure Early Access Preview channel in Tools → Kotlin → Configure Kotlin Plugin Updates. Change the update channel to “Early Access Preview 1.1.x” and press Check for updates now.

For Gradle or Maven:

Add https://dl.bintray.com/kotlin/kotlin-eap-1.1 to your repositories.
Change the version of Kotlin dependencies (compiler and stdlib) to 1.1.60-eap-43

Please do provide feedback and report any issues to our issue tracker (please specify your plugin version and IDE version).

Where is the @Parcelize documentation?
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