Problems working with snapshot version of plugin

I'm having a few problems working with the latest snapshot version of the kotlin plugin for IntelliJ. Of course I realize it might be due to the inherit instability of the snapshot, but I figured I'd ask here anyways.

I’m working with Idea v13 and tried working with 0.8.1240 from:

I had some strange problems such as:
could not properly import from Delegates, “import” did not find the package
could not properly use the “array” function, as it was not found

It just now occurs to me that perhaps the newest verison only work with Idea 14 EAP? Is that so?
Is this a known breaking change or have I encountered something else?

0.8.1240 requires IDEA 14, and should not install on IDEA 13 at all, to be honest. Could you check in Preferences -> Plugins whether the actually installed version of Kotlin is really 0.8.1240?