Room errors


When trying to build the project I’m getting room related errors but I cant jump to class causing the errors,So it’s hard to fix:(


If you need help resolving the issue, then you’ll have to provide more details on the errors.


Hi Yole,
The problem is not the errors them self but the fact that I can’t double click the error on the IDE so it will jump to the code causing the error.


Is it a known issue?


You still haven’t explained what the issue is. What are you trying to double-click on?



As you can see above the warning you can see the file name and if i double click it the IDE will take me there.
This is not the case with the errors.


Same problem. Please, fix it.


I have the same problem. But double clicking actually doesn’t take me to the original .kt file, but rather to the converted .java file living under