Use of Kotlin logo when referring to Kotlin in a blog post?


Maybe not the correct forum for this, but I’m wondering if I am permitted to use the Kotlin logo when talking about Kotlin in a blog post or not?


You can find the official guidelines in the guidelines.pdf and LICENSE.txt files in archive as specified here, on the bottom of the page.

Direct link to download the archive can be found here

To quote the license as for 2017-08-30:


* Do use the logos to link to JetBrains website:
* Do use the logos to advertise that your product has built-in integration with a JetBrains product
* Do use the graphics in printed or online materials, but respect the minimum size of the logo: 7.5mm in print and 50px on screen/digital.


* Don’t change the colors of the logos
* Don’t change the aspect ratio of the logos when resizing
* Don’t crop the logos
* Don’t use the black square without the beam or the product name
* Don’t add any text on the logo 
* Don’t sell our logos

If in doubt, please contact


Thank you!
The JetBrains Team
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