A flag to mark parasitic posts?


Is it possible to add additional flag type? It could be named Go, read the docs... or something.

There is a lot of people, who come to the technical forums like this one without reading the documentation and even without reasonable understanding of English. They write Very Silly Questions and if someone tries to answer, start to bombard the author of the answer with emails, private or public messages asking to do their job for them. I think it would be good to flag such posts and authors to avoid useless and unproductive stream of bad questions.

I personally is very frustrated with such people on ResearchGate and some other sites. Ones I foolishly answered some questions and the guy kept sending me emails for two months.


I flagged the recent poster, too. But I don’t think it is a serious post. It is either a troll, or a spam bot.


Sadly, no. It is a quite regular thing. This one is just too gross to miss. There was a few such guys on this forum last year, and I think the popularity will grow as kotlins moves into more profitable development sector and there will be more guys with low education level on this market.


I would love some kind of flag like this. So far all we can do is just link the docs and flag as spam if they keep asking for unreasonable stuff. I won’t give anyone my phone number so I can help them. There is enough help out there in form of tutorials, videos and books about kotlin and programming.


I completely agree with OP, and I suggest to name this flag RTFM. As an homage to some crazy geniuses of the past.