Android Studio 3.0 "include Kotlin support"?

When starting a new project with Android Studio 3.0, there is an option “include kotlin support”. Starting a new project in Intellij does not offer this option, and most likely that indicates Intellij is still working with the older Android Studio given that 3.0 is still in beta.

Does anyone know:

Is it possible to get Android Studio 3.0 features within Intellij or is it best to use Android studio?

Exactly what does the “include kotlin support” actually do?

Starting a new project in IntelliJ IDEA does offer you multiple options to enable Kotlin support, depending on the project type; they just look different from Android Studio. Some of those options are explained in the tutorial.

The new project wizard from Android Studio is not available in any version of IntelliJ IDEA; the project creation use interface is simply different between the two IDEs.