Completion popup shows unwanted entries



I am trying to develop an Android app with Kotlin and whenever I press a Ctrl-Space, it

  1. Takes a noticable amount of time to show popup
  2. It shows many not relevant entries like classes/methods from javax.swing, java.awt etc etc


Can I somehow set it up to filter out 2.?
Can 1. be caused by 2. or is this because the Kotlin plugin is still in progress?




The filtering for Java classes from your second item should definetly be implemented in our plugin. I have already created an issue KT-5687 for it. Thank you!

I can’t say much about 1. without getting more information about your environment (versions of IDE and plugin, context where completion is executed, what kind of completion it is, etc.). Please create an issue about it with more details for further investigation.


Thanks! I will work with it a bit more, to get more context and then create an issue once I'm certain.